How to use your Silvan Song Tree Essence
Silvan Song Tree EssencesHow to use your Silvan Song tree essence:
Should you sample or commit?

Sampling means you test each time or day for which essence to take in the moment. This is good if you have a lot of essences to choose from or if you feel you need something right now to help with what is happening within you. Take 2 drops now under your tongue or in water or on your wrist or belly.

Committing means you choose an essence (or maybe it chooses you!) and take it 3-4 times per day until the bottle is empty or you feel complete with your experience/growth. You take a journey of self discovery, allowing your experience to deepen and shift. You have grounded new information into your energetic/electrical system that will continue to serve you for a long time. You have downloaded an energetic update. This does not happen as easily if you sample but there are times to dabble and there are times to dive in. Please follow your heart and intuition. If you have committed to one, you may occasionally feel a need for a support essence such as Unwind, Sleepy Trees or Five Barks Protection.

When you take the essence by mouth, please rinse the dropper if it touches anything in or around your mouth before replacing it into the bottle. You may put it in water; a sip full or a whole glass. Avoid flavored drinks like tea, soda or coffee and take away from food by 15-20 minutes. This helps it work into your system more thoroughly without interference. Some people like to put 8 drops in an 8 oz glass container of water and carry it with them all day, sipping when convenient. A bottle last about 3 or 4 weeks depending on how many times a day you take your essence or whether you remembered to take it with you on that lovely weekend away.

If an essence brings up ‘stuff’ too quickly or intensely, go ahead and drop back to one drop twice a day. You sensitive souls often need to slow down the transformation so you can see it more clearly or you can let go more slowly. If you have any questions, you are welcome to email or call Laurel.
Taking a Silvan Song tree essence can be a fun ride and/or an amazing learning time. Trees can be very gentle; can be quite strong in moving through blocks or can be such a force of love and creativity that may well surprise you. Take time to feel, listen and allow your experience to ripen and bloom.

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Roots: the creators Trunks: for daily support Branches: new potentials Leaves: the Visionaries

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