The Tree Essences
The Tree Essences

You may choose an essence by intuition, by their indications, by choosing your favorite tree or by muscle testing.

How to use your Silvan Song tree essence:
Take 2 drops in water or under your tongue, 20 minutes away from food, 3 - 4 times per day until your bottle is empty or you feel done. Your tree wants to take you on a journey, so give yourself time to feel and experience it fully.
Click on the images below to see the essences.
Roots: Creators of New Energy
#2 Northern Red Oak w/ Watermelon Tourmaline Opportunity
#5 American Beech Centered
#7 Tuliptree Creativity
#10 Magnolia Inner Beauty
#22 River Birch Thirst
NEW! #33 White Oak w/Lapis Lazuli Productivity
NEW! #64 Tamarack Larch Reconnection
Trunks: Daily Support Trunks: Daily Support
#12 American Elm Playfulness
#13 Black Willow Female Warrior
#17 Winged Elm Cooperation
NEW! #20 Flowering Dogwood w/Amethyst Geode Attraction
#27 Black Walnut True to Yourself
#29 Hackberry w/ Bluegreen Fluorite Emotional Balance
#42 FL Mockernut Hickory Relationships
#55 Green Ash Harmony
Branches: New Potentials Branches: Open to Greater Potentials
#1 Mountain Laurel Clarity
#14 Loblolly Pine w/ Agate Self Trust
#16 Sycamore Confidence
NEW! #21 Black Cherry Reflection
NEW! #23 Ironwood Courage
NEW! #26 Sourwood Overcoming Heartache
NEW! #30 Persimmon w/ Watermelon Tourmaline New Beginnings
#35 Southern Red Oak Body Love
#46 Baldcypress Peace
NEW! #62 Common Pear w/Golden Beryl Independence
Leaves: the Visionaries Leaves: the Visionaries
#4 Paper Birch Beacon
#8 Butternut The Silence
#19 Virginia Pine Stillness
# 25 Southern Catalpa Nourishment
#32 Eastern Cottonwood Overcoming Shyness
#37 Fringetree Soul Lift
NEW! #40 Weeping Willow w/Citrine Wealth
NEW! #57 Quaking Aspen New Potentials
NEW! #60 Downy Arrowwood Gentleness
NEW! #61 FL Sweetgum w/Amethyst Geode Synchronicity
NEW! #63 Ginkgo w/Golden Beryl and Opal Ancestral Support
Silvan Song New Blends
Bi: Thinking Trees  
B2: Heart Trees  
B3: Healthy Trees  
B4: Belonging  
B5: Woman's Awakening  
B6: Warrior  
B7: Willpower  
B8: Presence  
B9: Child's Play  
B10: Good Grief  
B11: Protection  
B12: Visionary  

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