ďWhat a wonderful gift this is! I have such gratitude for the essence and to you for listening to the trees and creating such a beautiful line of products to share with the world."
 ROOTS: Nourishing the New
#2 Northern Red Oak w/Watermelon Tourmaline: Opportunity
#5 American Beech: Centered
#7 Tuliptree: Creativity
#10 Magnolia: Inner Beauty
#22 River Birch: Thirst

TRUNKS: Daily Support
#12 American Elm: Playfulness
#13 Black Willow: The Female Warrior
#17 Winged Elm: Cooperation
#27 Black Walnut: True to Yourself
#29 Hackberry w/ Blue green Fluorite: Emotional Balance
#38 Five Barkís Protection: Boundaries
#42 FL Mockernut Hickory: Relationships
#47 Sleepy Trees: Quieting

#55 Green Ash- Harmony

BRANCHES: traveling toward greater potentials
#1 Mountain Laurel: Clarity
#14 Loblolly Pine w/ Agate: Self Trust
#16 Sycamore: Confidence
#35 Southern Red Oak: Body Love
#48 Unwind: Relaxation

LEAVES: toward the Photosynthesis of Being
#4 Paper Birch: Beacon
#8 Butternut: The Silence
#19 Virginia Pine: Stillness
#32 Eastern Cottonwood: Overcoming Shyness
#37 Fringetree: Soul Lift
ROOTS: Creators of New Energy  To Order
Northern Red Oak: I had been suffering from a sharp pain in the back of my knee that doctors were unable to explain. After taking two drops three times a day for a couple of days an interesting change took place. Here is where I should relate that the pain disappeared, but that's not what happened. I became angry and within that irritated state I drew a focus and a hardened resolve to take control of my physical well being and to tell the doctors (three were involved at this point) to look at my back and not my knee for the cause of my discomfort. An additional MRI subsequently revealed the cause of my problem in my back. I am convinced that the power of my perception in steering towards a proper diagnosis is attributable to the Northern Red Oak essence. M.B. Cape Cod, MA 2009

Northern Red Oak: I felt I was able to focus and consolidate and not be so spread out. A.M. Asheville, NC 2009
American Beech: It was a good experience. I noticed at first that I felt more grounded. My headache went away. This lasted for 3 days. I like these and I hope you have success in getting them to the public. I feel very close to trees and know they have healing abilities in my life. Carol 2/15/10

American Beech: Centered. This opens the core so it grounds and centers. Keeps one centered when many things are happening. Assists one to take the best action when bombarded with many choices. Supports the 4th, 5th & 6th chakras. Works on mental, physical and emotional levels. Deborah 2/6/2010
Tuliptree: What a wonderful opportunity and gift it was to be given the Tuliptree essence to test, Laurel. This essence stimulated the very core of my creativity. I would take the drops daily and feel an endless supply of creative ideas and projects -- including ideas on how to use colors, natural objects, photographs that were all to tell a story -- visual journeys. Sometimes at night as I was trying to fall asleep I would be given yet another glimpse of how to creatively express an idea. Half way through the essence bottle I felt as though I had slipped into a river whose currents lifted and carried me into that watery world where 'creativity spirits' played and splashed. I have such gratitude for the Tuliptree and to you for listening to the trees and creating such a beautiful line of products to share with the world. I wish you so much success!!! Pat K., Carrboro, NC 8/22/2010
Magnolia: It gave me a feeling of overall calm. It felt like it helped bolster my immune system also. Jon J. Chapel Hill, NC 2/10/2010

Magnolia: When I took Magnolia, Iíd feel unsettled. When I knew the magnolia was for letting go, we really got to work. I took it at times when I had the time to process whatever might come up. I did a lot of healing thanks to Magnolia. Jim P. 4/22/2010
River Birch: There was a smoothing out, a subtle feeling of being nourished and going AhhhÖ It was very kind and gentle to me. I felt eased and relaxed by it and I had a better perspective on whatever was going on in my life. I also became more aware of the actual River Birches in my life, in plantings and in the wild. Mary M, Durham, NC 2/5/2010

I have loved River Birch Essence. It has really been a gift to me. Taken regularly throughout the day, I was clearer, more grounded, and calmer than usual. Additionally, I was receiving amazing inspirations and a kind of cosmic focus as to my purpose that I had not been receiving before taking the essences, not quite so directly and so focused at least. Since that initial period when I took it 3-4 times a day, I lapsed in taking it so regularly. In those times, I did not notice that kind of cosmic inspiration and focus. When I would feel low or less focused or even overwhelmed with what I was doing, or in terms of living my purpose, I felt prompted by Spirit to take a dose of the River Birch essence. I would get clearer, calmer and more grounded again. I would feel more focused and more positive. I often received inspirations that previously hadn't come through. I could see connections within things in my life or with my life purpose that I just couldn't see before. I don't know that the tree essence made me feel more open, because I am pretty open in general. But it opened a different channel in me where I could see new things and new aspects of my purpose, downloaded more directly from the universe. The connections and inspirations that came through were amazing. The essences seemed to help me to bypass any lack of clarity that I may have been experiencing, to create a clearer picture or to allow a stream of a clear, vibrant, perfect new idea to come through me. The River Birch Essence helped with: Clarity, focus, calmness, groundedness, *igniting inspiration*, *activating creative inspiration* illuminating insights - as to life purpose or next life steps or creative expressions, receiving clear cosmic visions, *clarifying and making essential cosmic connections, between already known things, that I had not linked or connected before*. Marie M. 5/17/2010

River Birch: This really helped me take better care of myself on many levels. G.M. Hillsborough, NC
TRUNKS: Daily Support  To Order
American Elm: My 6 year old seemed more independent and assertive. He had somewhat of a better understanding of actions and consequences. He showed a more confident independence and assertion in developing sense of self. An openness to joy and choice. K.S. 8/16/10
Black Willow: I felt an immediate sense of grounding and balancing. What has changed over time is my ability to act decisively and a greater balance of my masculine and feminine energy. This is supportive in keeping good boundaries and an awareness of the need for boundaries. I have felt increased receptivity and a stronger sense of my own internal power and support. J.R. 8/8/10
Winged Elm: This seemed to work quickly! I felt more clarity, motivation, movement and follow through. I had more forward motion and endurance through difficulties. I felt healthy and more open. Helen I, Hillsborough, NC 5/7/2010
Black Walnut: When I took Black Walnut I felt less serious, more focused, determined and had greater mental clarity. Thanks, Joseph A., Chapel Hill, NC 2/10/2010

Black Walnut: I am appreciating the positivity that the Black Walnut essence is bringing! Love, M.K. Carrboro, NC 3/30/2010
Five Barkís Protection: I don't stick to the taking-schedule very well, but this is a good remedy for me. I immediately became aware that an intimate relationship I was involved in was not good for me and needed to be altered to a just-friendship. I discussed it with trusted advisers, and went ahead and changed it in the kindliest fashion I could. It was rough sailing, especially for the other party, for a while. But now we are friends again and doing very well. I kept at my job hunt and have had some fairly good prospects, but I had an excellent job interview (face-to-face) last week. I have been better about stepping up to the plate and communicating with my landlord. He is not pressuring me too much, and is very supportive about my job hunt. It is not difficult to talk to him on the phone and be honest with him about exactly what is happening with my job search. I have been able to meet other expenses by selling a piece of furniture, doing odd jobs and getting food stamps and energy assistance. I got my paperwork together and went to the IRS to settle an outstanding bit of tax business for 2008, which was keeping me from doing my 2009 NC taxes. I made a commitment to get my 2006 and 2007 tax returns in. So, I'm "suiting up and showing up." Not always on time, but feeling safer about getting down and doing it. In spite of the problems in my life, I feel safe and secure. I rest a while, and then I pick up a task and work on it. I'd like to get more done every day and horse around less, but that is what I'm working on. Somehow my needs continue to be met. Now I'm going to get an important thank-you note finished and mailed today to the supervisor at the shop I interviewed in last week. I think the 5 Bark is good stuff. Rita 1/13/2010
Fallen Leaves Mockernut Hickory: Iíd just lost someone and I cried a little each day. I felt more tenderness and was comfortable with it. The essence was grounding and allowed a lot of letting go. I was okay when my business didnít sell and I didnít obsess about it. I really like this essence, it helped me let go which is not so easy for me. A.E. Chapel Hill, NC 2/28/2010
Sleepy Trees: I was only sleeping 3-4 hours per night and couldnít fall back to sleep. Now Iím falling asleep easier and take the essence when I wake in the middle of the night, so Iím getting 1-2 hours more sleep. Jerry, Carrboro, NC
Green Ash: He was more agreeable and interactive. He was more contented and displayed a greater awareness of responsibilities. Katie for her 6 year old son. 9-27-10

Green Ash : Just to say how much I appreciated testing your tree essence (Green Ash). I was in the midst of an intense dispute with a very controlling client. Because I am an empath, her anger was difficult for me to navigate. There is another opportunity for me to soften around another's anger in the form of a very wounded 11-yr old boy who's recently lost his 21 yr old brother in a car crash. This young man is having an extremely rough time, but acts out aggressively instead of allowing himself to be openly vulnerable. My own fear of not being able to handle it arises in defense and opposition, and I'm hoping to soften around that. In the first instance, I found myself getting extremely clear about how I needed to proceed and what I needed to do in order to resolve the dispute with the angry client--within 4 or 5 days of taking the essence. In the latter case, I've not yet experienced a shift, but am open to it and praying for a miracle. I'll keep you posted, and hope you know how much I value the purity of your heart and how that's reflected in your work. Lee, Hillsborough, NC 10-30-10
BRANCHES: Open to Greater Potentials   To Order
Loblolly Pine: Overall feeling: peace and joy. Issues rising: fear of disappointment-mine and others. I had to face big disappointments and through this I felt strength and peace, rooted groundedness and things clicking into place no matter my desires. I had deeper sleep with profound and vivid dreams. Sometimes time distortions- fast or slow. Overall there has been a braking down of old beliefs, situations, events and unhealthy connections to reach for personal strength, spiritual health, calm and joy. O.B. Chapel Hill, NC 11/3/2009
Sycamore: Thank you for letting me test this essence. I found that I was feeling extremely calm after an unusually stressful day. Ended up I was sitting right next to an American Sycamore, that had a baby Red Cedar right beneath it. American Sycamore essence has a calming effect. I found it challenged my introspection and perception; specifically to putting myself in another's shoes. I had enlightening dreams, to the effect of seeing through another's eyes. I found myself in a state of inward seeking rather than outward. Acceptance of myself and others. Creative expression was heightened and a new focus on priorities. I had somewhat better organizational skills and attention to detail. The interactions that I have had with others have been calm, resolute, and compassionate yet with a developing sense of boundaries. I felt very fluid and able to adapt. I was more accepting of the process of life and day to day living. Katie S. Chapel Hill, NC 5/13/2010

Sycamore: It was a little hard to tell at first, because I was having so many changes, travel, etc. in my life at the same time. But I do feel that I feel more cheerful when taking the sycamore remedy. Also, I went on a weight loss program and lost 15 pounds in about 3-4 weeks! I just stopped eating or did liquid/raw fast. I felt calmer generally I think, and centered. Liz C, Chapel Hill, NC
Southern Red Oak: This essence helped bring me out of the trance I was in since H. passed away and I had a car accident. I felt more motivated to do the necessary things in life and took big steps toward taking care of myself. There was a feeling of protection and trust in my bodyís ability to heal and be balanced. G.M., Hillsborough, NC 3/16/2010

outhern Red Oak: Very intense for me. At first it showed up as anger, then turning to agitation, and fire. This energy lead to a big life affirming decision, and taking ACTION. It helped me draw on my inner strength. K.S. 5/24/10

Unwind: I felt Iíd just drunk a whole glass of wine, all warm and fuzzy! It works very well to relax me. Chris W., Chapel Hill, NC 2/29/2010

Unwind: Is it possible to notice a difference, even if I'm not consistent about using it? I mean, it reminds me of how I've felt in the past when using the Bach flower remedies, especially the Rescue Remedy. The hardest part is the remembering to use it as directed, but then I have that trouble with a lot of things! My inclination is to say that I feel more centered, and tend more to take the opportunities which present themselves for meditation and healing. Teri R. 3/18/2010

Unwind: I am writing to let you know how grateful that you gave my daughter the Unwind tree essence to help her recover from a car accident. Feeling rather stressed out myself I tried a couple of drops and within minutes felt "all was well". My nerves are calmer and my mind has stopped jumping about trying to find something to worry about, AHHHH. A couple of drops in the morning gave me a relaxed feeling all day, thank you! Sincerely, A. Mahon 4/21/2010
LEAVES: the Visionaries To Order
Paper Birch: I felt I was able to let go, especially around my son leaving home. I gave away unneeded things and became more present to whatís here. I felt more inviting of the future and whatís coming, able to find my way through the darkness and meet my future with a light heart. Iíve sung more, faced old stuff and saw the new. Iím connecting to life and to death. If I canít dance I donít want to come to your revolution! M.B. Chapel Hill 1/5/2020

Paper Birch:
I was taking paper birch for awhile. Even my husband noticed a change in me and I certainly felt I could sit back a little, be flexible and sit with my feminine power. I also had an affinity for Birches everywhere...they seemed to call out my name. Susan O., Waldoboro, Me 9/15/10
Butternut: Dearest Butternut Tree, I took you regularly for two weeks, while I had a lot of stress happening in my life. When I took you, I instantly felt a very intense feeling of sedateness, as if someone had neutralized a chemical reaction. You seemed to make me take some pause and just be in the moment and just be in the oh so manageable moment almost as if the scales that were out of whack became more balanced. Later I took you more sporadically and the initial experience of almost sleepiness was not nearly as strong. You continued to bring me Ďback to the presentí. Thank you Butternut for hanging out with me while I was so stressed. I found I was able to keep quiet where I always would of spoken up thus I kept the peace in my family. H.I. Hillsborough, NC 2/11/2010
Virginia Pine: After taking the essence, I immediately felt a great expansion, then increased clarity, then more groundedness. In contrast to this state, I realized that I had been focusing on externals and getting out of balance, trying too hard to get too many things done. After taking the drops, I naturally felt the beauty of all around and inside me. I also recognized that the rushed nature of my life keeps me separate and fragmented. These are both old learnings/issues but ones that needed to be highlighted again and again. I felt a return to my whole self, which includes all creation (and the non-manifested), an experience of joy and peace. I saw how "off" I had gotten in my attempt to finish a remodeling project which has seemed never-ending. This was the core experience which infused my life for the next several weeks. I was able to recognize when I got off track, into thinking too much and rushing around--and just brought myself back to that state of wholeness. It was profound. I shared my experience with several people, who also seemed to move into that state just hearing about the essence. While talking with one friend in Minnesota, I felt her shift and she began talking about how everything is sacred. As the weeks went by, I continued to learn from the essence through my experiences, which were reflected in many dreams and visions. I had more dreams than usual which thematically reflected the same appearance/reality dilemma my ego has been chewing on, showing me ways that I keep it going and ways of resolution. In some ways this has been painful for me to face some things about myself that aren't pleasant. The dreams culminated in a very powerful one about learning to use my feet to climb up a wall. I had to release my fear of falling and sense of helplessness before I could figure out how to climb. In this new way of climbing, I used my whole self--feet, legs, arms etc--as well as surrendered my desire for control to the Universe. Simultaneously, a feeling began coming up over and over of simply me, not trying, not doing anything, not anything, but me. Simple. Unsophisticated, uncomplicated, kind of slow and comfortable, easy-going. Later, when I fell, hurt my ankle, and was unable to walk around for a couple of weeks, I really realized how much of my life is spent moving around and doing things, often in an effort to do something to make myself feel valuable. The night I fell, I had just returned from a week at the beach and I was looking forward to being home and putting the finishing touches on the remodeling and gardening projects I had started here so many months ago. But with the feet injured, I couldn't do any of it! The lesson here was that it doesn't matter what I'm "doing"; what matters is just simply Being. To sum up what is turning into a long explanation, Virginia Pine showed me ways that I throw off the balance between groundedness and expansion. What has seemed to be off for me is the false belief that being still and simple is not good. Virginia Pines are sometimes considered scrubby and common, but I think they're beautiful and always have. Silvan Song showed me anew how to see the beauty in my own scrubby, common simple life. Thank you so much! This has been more wonderful than I can say! F.M., Carrboro, NC 8/5/10

Virginia Pine: The very first thing I noticed and this felt strong for the first week was that I was releasing old habits and it felt freeing and wonderful. It felt like it helped me release with ease which can be a struggle for me at times. I had my first live performance which was a huge deal for me. I felt like it helped me get to where I needed to be to put myself out there in the public eye for the first time. Then after that I got pretty down for a while and I initially felt lonely but then I started to feel better just being with myself. Along with the same feeling of release I felt a lot of release around money. I have been generous with myself and others with money and it has felt wonderful and rewarding. It feels like it has helped me release some worry around that realm of my life. And through that I have been able to really help out some lifelong friends and help myself out as well. Like booking a trip out west! This last month or so has been pretty turbulent for me but it feels like I have been working through things to ready myself for an exciting change. I have felt like this change will start with my trip and I am not at all surprised that the Virginia Pine ran out one day before my trip. It feels like it has been getting me ready for these changes and now that it has helped me prepare, it is letting me move into a new essence. So basically it supported me getting ready for change. It helped me release past habits and worries. It helped me remove some tethers to free me up. And I did feel pretty low for a while but I believe change is often intimidating and new. A.D., 8-9-10
Eastern Cottonwood: While taking Eastern Cottonwood, my Aunt passed away and there was a lot of time with family. I felt more peace and calm about it and realized I didnít have to be in charge of things. I let go of old mental patterns, especially about not speaking up! My neck tension released and I found my throat more open. I feel a new interest in singing. M.D., Chapel Hill, NC 5/25/2010

Eastern Cottonwood: I was at a workshop and the biggest thing I worked on was standing up for myself and overcoming the shyness and nervousness of new situations. It was easier to approach people and perform for people. As soon as I started taking it I felt more grounded. I had been feeling not quite myself for the 3 weeks prior to seeing you. That cleared and I felt more connected and my body and mind were working together again. A.D. Chapel Hill, NC 4/3/2010

Eastern Cottonwood: I feel Iím reviewing things. My dreams are old and cyclical but Iím experiencing them in a new way. Iím more emotional and open in my heart. I feel more considerate; I have less of a hard edge to my interactions with others. I found certain things easily resolved in my relationship and renewed my connection to cats. When I first took the essence, I could feel it moving around my body and opening my crown and heart. J.H. Carrboro, NC 2/4/2010
Fringetree: Dear sweet woman, I have been through a whirlwind of change -- physically and internally. Don't know if that's Fringetree working. I have been VERY sporadic with taking this remedy. First I was sick for several months, during all that time I've also been through an inner upheaval -- my next evolutionary step it seems. Fringetree's home was in my jacket pocket and after taking it for a short time, the same thought/feeling would waft into my awareness --- hmmmm I wonder if Fringetree is working with me on this new layer of onion. I'm not sure I would have described it as calming. If it was, I'm glad I was taking it because it's been intense emotionally. I think perhaps it's because of resistance on some level which would be a direct result of negative ego. Then again, if I were more consistent with taking it, perhaps it wouldn't have been so intense. D.D. 5/18/2010

Fringetree: I felt instant focus taking this essence. I was more alert overall and itís helped me turn a corner on my ADD. P.G. Chapel Hill, NC 3/23/2010

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